May 21, 2017


Cain Hockey Management provides services to help guide families along the way. We provide guidance to parents who may want to help their son or daughter’s hockey development plan.

We work with players with option to play Major Junior as well as college.

Under is having a family advisor permissible, must say a player can have a family advisor provided they pay for the service. Players can not receive free service, that potentially makes player ineligible under NCAA.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Family Advisors when it comes to high school aged players.

Do all players who are seeking an NCAA scholarship need a Family Advisor?
Their is no formal stance whether a prospective college hockey player should or shouldn’t have a family advisor.

However Cain Hockey Management believes it’s important to players and parents, that they know the ins and outs and what needs to take place and when! Not all players and parents have advisors, however many of those who do find them invaluable. Good advisors can also help prospective players understand, follow rules and ensure athletes understand their rights.

Are Family Advisors only work with players seeking a NCAA scholarship?
We often receives questions about Junior Hockey, NCAA, CIS and CHL. A family advisor can play an important role for the development of hockey players as they guide the player and provide experienced advice when options are presented to them. It’s NOT only related to getting a scholarship, at Cain Hockey Management are more than just an advisor, we work closely to make them the best athlete possible!

Is having a Family Advisor Permitted?
It’s important to remember that family advisors are perfectly permissible in the eyes of the NCAA – as long as advisors (and their advisees) follow some straightforward guidelines. The NCAA does not allow student/athletes to have agents, they can have family advisors.

How do I start the Process?
Getting the most out of a family advisor relationship always begins with one you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Cain Hockey Management encourages players and parents to meet with one of our Advisors to ensure all are on the same page and there is a trust that can be built between all parties.

We feel that advisors should share the same values, goals and expectations for the player. Here at Cain Hockey Management we go beyond being just an advisor, we have the ability to be a coach, train the mind and body of our players. We build strong and powerful athletes. Preparing them mentally, to ensure they know what it takes to reach their goals.